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12/23/10Chevron Corporation: Lago Agrio Plaintiffs' Consultants Concede that $113 Billion Damages Claim Lacks Scientific BasisPrinter Friendly Version
12/21/10Chevron Fourth Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference CallPrinter Friendly Version
12/20/10Chevron Corporation: Forensic Expert Discovers Elaborate Forgery of Plaintiffs' Signatures Authorizing 2003 Complaint Against Chevron in EcuadorPrinter Friendly Version
12/16/10Chevron Sanctions Big Foot Project in the Deepwater Gulf of MexicoPrinter Friendly Version
12/15/10Chevron and Other Shareholders Sanction Caspian Pipeline ExpansionPrinter Friendly Version
12/09/10Chevron Announces $26.0 Billion Capital and Exploratory Budget for 2011Printer Friendly Version
12/02/10Chevron Deepwater Gas Project in Indonesia Enters Design PhasePrinter Friendly Version
12/01/10Chevron Appoints C.N. Macfarlane General Tax CounselPrinter Friendly Version
11/18/10Chevron to Sell Fuels Marketing and Aviation Businesses in Parts of the Caribbean and Central America to a Subsidiary of RUBISPrinter Friendly Version
11/12/10Chevron Affirms Full-Year Net Production Guidance for 2010Printer Friendly Version
11/09/10Chevron Announces Agreement to Acquire Atlas EnergyPrinter Friendly Version
10/29/10Chevron Reports Third Quarter Net Income of $3.77 Billion, Down from $3.83 Billion in Third Quarter 2009Printer Friendly Version
10/27/10Chevron Announces Quarterly DividendPrinter Friendly Version
10/21/10Chevron Sanctions Jack/St. Malo Project in the Gulf of MexicoPrinter Friendly Version
10/12/10Chevron Issues Interim Update for Third Quarter 2010Printer Friendly Version
10/11/10Chevron Sells Minority Interest in Colonial PipelinePrinter Friendly Version
10/04/10Chevron Announces Common Share Repurchases Beginning in Fourth Quarter 2010Printer Friendly Version
09/29/10Chevron Third Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference CallPrinter Friendly Version
09/20/10Chevron Acquires Deepwater Exploration Lease in the Turkish Black SeaPrinter Friendly Version
09/17/10Chevron Statement on Ecuador Court FilingsPrinter Friendly Version
09/08/10Chevron to Acquire Deepwater Interest Offshore LiberiaPrinter Friendly Version
09/07/10Chevron Acquires Interest in Three Deepwater Exploration Blocks in ChinaPrinter Friendly Version
08/16/10Chevron Announces Significant Natural Gas Find in AustraliaPrinter Friendly Version
08/12/10Chevron Announces Natural Gas Discovery in Frontier Exmouth Plateau Area Offshore Western AustraliaPrinter Friendly Version
08/06/10Chevron Files Petition in Ecuador Seeking Dismissal of LawsuitPrinter Friendly Version
07/30/10Chevron Reports Second Quarter Net Income of $5.4 Billion, up from $1.7 Billion in Second Quarter 2009Printer Friendly Version
07/28/10Chevron Announces Quarterly DividendPrinter Friendly Version
07/21/10New Oil Spill Containment System to Protect Gulf of Mexico Planned By Major Oil Companies Printer Friendly Version
07/19/10Chevron and KOGAS Sign Major LNG and Equity Agreements for the Wheatstone ProjectPrinter Friendly Version
07/13/10Chevron Announces Natural Gas Discovery in AustraliaPrinter Friendly Version
07/12/10Chevron Issues Interim Update for Second Quarter 2010Printer Friendly Version
07/06/10Chevron Announces Further Drilling Success in AustraliaPrinter Friendly Version
06/30/10Chevron Second Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference CallPrinter Friendly Version
05/26/10Chevron Highlights Safety and Performance at Annual Meeting of StockholdersPrinter Friendly Version
05/24/10Proceedings Reveal New Evidence of Fraud and Plaintiffs' Undisclosed Links to Ecuadorian Court Expert Richard CabreraPrinter Friendly Version
05/05/10Chevron Issues 2009 Corporate Responsibility ReportPrinter Friendly Version
04/30/10Chevron Reports First Quarter Net Income of $4.6 Billion, up from $1.8 Billion in First Quarter 2009Printer Friendly Version
04/28/10Chevron Announces 5.9 Percent Increase in Quarterly DividendPrinter Friendly Version
04/08/10Chevron Issues Interim Update for First Quarter 2010Printer Friendly Version
04/05/10Plaintiffs' Expert Reveals Fraud by Lawyers in Ecuador LawsuitPrinter Friendly Version
03/31/10Senator Chuck Hagel and John G. Stumpf Nominated to Chevron Board of DirectorsPrinter Friendly Version
03/31/10Chevron Confirms First Oil from Perdido DevelopmentPrinter Friendly Version
03/31/10Chevron First Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference CallPrinter Friendly Version
03/30/10Chevron Wins Arbitration Claim Against the Government of EcuadorPrinter Friendly Version
03/22/10Chevron Tests Emerging Solar Technologies in Central CaliforniaPrinter Friendly Version
03/11/10Chevron Deploys a Second Ultra-Deepwater DrillshipPrinter Friendly Version
03/09/10Chevron Well-Positioned for Future GrowthPrinter Friendly Version
02/25/10Executive Vice President Charles A. James to Leave ChevronPrinter Friendly Version
02/24/10Chevron Corporation's 2010 Security Analyst MeetingPrinter Friendly Version
02/10/10Chevron Awarded Rights to Develop New Venezuelan Energy ProjectPrinter Friendly Version
02/09/10Court Appointee in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit Tied to Ecuador State-Owned Oil CompanyPrinter Friendly Version
02/01/10Matthew J. Foehr Named Chevron ComptrollerPrinter Friendly Version
01/29/10Chevron Reports Fourth Quarter Net Income of $3.1 Billion, Down 37 Percent from $4.9 Billion in Fourth Quarter 2008Printer Friendly Version
01/27/10Chevron Announces Quarterly DividendPrinter Friendly Version
01/27/10Chevron Makes Final Investment Decision on Papa Terra Project Offshore BrazilPrinter Friendly Version
01/26/10Chevron Announces Gas Discovery in Greater Gorgon AreaPrinter Friendly Version
01/26/10Chevron and Kyushu Electric Sign Multiple LNG DealsPrinter Friendly Version
01/11/10Chevron Issues Interim Update for Fourth Quarter 2009Printer Friendly Version
01/07/10Chevron and Nippon Oil Corporation Sign Gorgon Natural Gas AgreementPrinter Friendly Version
01/06/10Chevron Fourth Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference CallPrinter Friendly Version

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